Our Marketing

Enhanced Marketing to Other Agents

Our marketing plan includes several enhanced marketing campaigns to our co-brokering agents.

Brokers Open Houses

As an option, Full House Realty of Arizona will host a broker’s open house to draw attention from other cooperating agents in town. This will hopefully condense some of the showing activity into a set time frame (eliminating some of the spontaneous showing requests), but also gives us a chance to get some immediate candid feedback on the home, it’s price, and it’s competitive qualities when compared to the other homes on the market. We hope to attract folks who might not have noticed the home online or who need to see it in person to realize that it might be a match for one of their clients. As always, the more exposure, the better, and this is just one way to increase the word-of-mouth buzz being generated about your home.

Blast Email Campaign

With 20,000+ agents in the metropolitan area all juggling a handful of different clients at any given time, it can be challenging to keep up with every new listing that comes on the market. Within 24 hours of your home being listed, we will create and send a customized email blast to the entire Metropolitan Area of Realtors. This way, we can highlight the home and announce it to our co-brokering agents, but can also add a bit more detail to them about who might be a good buyer for this home and the type of buyer we think it might be well suited for. We can also utilize this blast to invite agents to the broker’s open house or to encourage agents to forward along to their clients, inviting their clients to a public open house, if applicable.

Personal Outreach to Agents with Similar Recent Sales

There is one simple step that most of our competitors never think to take. We’re going to reach out to the agents who have most recently participated in sales in your neighborhood or of similar homes. There is a chance that they may have a leftover buyer for the same area, or that they might have some market insight from their sale that could be useful to ours. It’s our job to keep your property top of mind with cooperating agents

Marketing Materials

For every home we list, we place a large list of marketing materials in the home. We always aim to include floor plans, the survey of the lot lines, a list of improvements, information about the neighborhood, information about local attractions, information about local schools, and more. We put all of these things into small booklets that every buyer is welcome to take from the home. We find that when comparing our homes against the many others a purchaser may see in a day, these booklets make us memorable and help buyers and their agents overcome most objections and questions before they even leave the house.

Professional Print Advertising

Print advertising may not drive real estate sales quite the way it did 20 years ago, but we still believe it to be an important piece of the marketing puzzle.

Just Listed Postcards

Within 10 days of your home being listed in the MLS, your neighborhood will receive a “Just Listed” postcard, appealing to them to help us find your buyer and reminding them that a strong home sale for you is a positive for the whole neighborhood. Your neighbors are often the biggest advocates for the area and may have friends who want to live nearby, so while some of them may just be curious or “nosy”, we want them to be as informed about the home as possible.

Reverse Prospecting Postcards

We know that people move-up to homes roughly 30% more expensive than their current home. We will choose 2-3 neighborhoods with a price range 30% below yours, with owners who we think might be appropriate move-up buyers for your home. We will target market via direct mail to those households.